Small Business Win Strategy for Government Contracts

Posted by Andrew on February 15, 2012

You have identified a great opportunity that matches your company’s product or service, but you are not sure how to improve your probability of win. The following article discusses steps to take to improve your odds and also recommendations to improve your small business pursuit strategy of government contracts.

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Product Principles Not Sticking – How to Remedy

Posted by Andrew on November 10, 2011

We have all been there one time or another regarding a product vision or set of principles that were not fully embraced internally. You developed the opportunity assessment, product requirements, prototypes, etc... yet key members keep coming back to a similar set of questions for product management:

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6 reasons your proposals fail

Posted by Andrew on October 28, 2011

A recent submission on Washington Technology provides some practical tips to improve RFP submissions:

 6 reasons your proposals fail

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Sample Work

Posted by Andrew on October 21, 2011

A number of visitors have requested a sample of our work, so I have assembled both an Opportunity Assessment and a related Product Requirements Document (PRD) for evaluation.

If you have any questions or would like to see additional samples just drop me a note.

Portfolio: Unified_PM_-_Sample_Work.pdf

Individual files in the above portfolio can also be downloaded from the Resources page.

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Sample Product Requirements Document

Posted by Andrew on October 2, 2011

I have posted a variation on the ever popular Product Requirements Document (PRD). This version would be well suited for software products,  and was prompted by the book "Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love", by Marty Cagan.


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Improve Engineering Development Process

Posted by Andrew on August 31, 2011

At some point in your career leadership is going to request that you improve the engineering development process to better accommodate customer needs. Typically the goal is to reduce cost, shorten development schedules, or improve customer relations. The intent of this article is to provide guidance early on to establish the long-term benefits to the organization.

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Small Business Pursuit of Government Contracts

Posted by Andrew on July 5, 2011

US Government awards billions of dollars every year to small business, so how do you differentiate and win your share of these lucrative contracts. As a small business you already have the passion and desire to deliver quality solutions to the US Government, which is an important characteristic to start with. To help you succeed, the following article discusses common pitfalls to avoid and how best to pursue the government as a small business.

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Setting Priority for Product Features

Posted by Andrew on June 28, 2011

Many times an organization will get distracted from implementing a prioritized feature set for the next release, or not even define a prioritized list to guide the product development process. By setting feature priorities early on in the development process and sticking to them, available resources can be better utilized to improve meeting release milestones.

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New Website

Posted by install on June 8, 2011

You have reached Unified PM's new website intended to better serve our existing and future clients. Upcoming changes will include a new resource page for file download, and FTP page to exchange files, and additional enhancements requested by the community.

Feel free to leave your feedback or comments

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